What happens when colors become part of your life?
The #icoloridinemo project is the result of the collaboration between
the NeMO Clinical Centre and the cosmetics company We Make-up:
a pilot action-research project that will involve fifty women
between the ages of 15 and 60, including patients and their caregivers,
and will last six months through different stages.

SLA day

Presentation of the project on the occasion of the celebration of the Global ALS Awareness Day at Nemo Clinical Centre (Niguarda Hospital, Milan)
Colors change us
Life inevitably brings transformations, sometimes sudden and unexpected ones: how can color contribute to these changes, helping us to live them in a more serene way?
Colors entertain us

Lightness and joy are precious weapons to face difficulties that we grow up with or that we bump into along our life: how can color help us make our lives more funny?
Colors distinguish us
Each woman is unique, with unique characteristics and traits: how can color highlight and make our originality even more precious?
Colors relax us

Daily life is full of commitments, obstacles, and hard work. Distracting and letting tensions go is often a mirage: how can color give us the leisure and relaxation needed to cope with life?
Colors make us grow

The path that leads to becoming a woman is complex and full of small and important stages: how can color guide our growth and the blossoming of ourself?
Colors pamper us
Being a responsible adult can mean living by giving attention and care to those who are part of our lives and who, in some way, depend on us: how can color take care of us, pampering us and even getting us used to receiving attention?

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